The equestrian outfit is not a mere tribute to fashion, but one of the basic safety items. For safety, please follow the outfit rules below during the training sessions and grooming procedures:

The main elements of the riding outfit should include:

  1. Riding Breeches;
  2. Riding Socks;
  3. Tall Boots or Boots With Half Chaps ;
  4. Outerwear That Does Not Hinder;
  5. Protective Vest (A Must For Children) ;
  6. Helmet;
  7. Gloves.


Carl Bebrich | 815-723-2121

Vice President
Bunny Horner

Sue Bebrich

Noreen Paeth



Bunny Horner [2019]
Sue Bebrich [2019-2020]


Delegate Director: Gail Wiot

Alternate Delegate: Noreen Paeth



The ABU Arabian horse club was formed to promote and acknowledge the wonderful breed of horse called the Arabian.  ABU stands for Arabian Breeders United.  The members of the ABU Club promote the Arabian breed by attending local  community events and offer our beautiful horses for a hands on experience.