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Tuesday, July 9th @ 7PM
Sue and Carl Bebrich’s farm
Address: 17551 W. Oak Avenue, Lockport, IL 60441
Phone: 815-723-2121

Guest Speaker is Shanna Daniels
The clinic with Ken Borden has been postponed and will be rescheduled soon – Please stay tuned…

Open Show
Open show info will be reported soon. The good news is we did not lose any money but did make around $400.00 Thank you to all those who bought Sponsorships and helped our show stay in the black. It was an extremely hot day with indexes of over 100. And thank you to the five horses who showed up despite the weather.


Regional Meeting

The Regional meeting.was attended by Gail Wiot and Noreen Paeth. As soon as the Minutes are available, they will be posted on the website. Next Regional meeting will take place at the Convention in November in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Dates of the show will be July 4-8, 2018. Further Updates will be posted when available.

2019, 2021, 2023 Sport Horse Nationals

The Arabian Horse Association has announced that the 2019, 2021 and 2023 Sport Horse Nationals will be held at Hitts (Balmoral Race Track). These Nationals will be in our back yard so look forward for more information. ABU will be the host club for these extraordinary shows. We look forward to working with AHA on its success. Again, we will keep you posted so you can make your plans.

President & Directors Message
Hope everyone had a good summer.  We hope you all did well at the shows. And those of you involved in trail riding will welcome the cool weather. We had some bumps along the way this summer. I had to have surgery from an accident. And others had illnesses and were swamped at work.  We look forward to moving  ahead and will keep you up dated.
The officers and directors welcome suggestions regarding speakers and other activities you would like us to plan. Feel free to call or email any of us.

There are no bereavements to report at this time.

Member Spotlight

This will be dedicated to the many members of our club. Many times we do not recognize each other. However, each and every member is important to our club. We will be picking the members names at random and may be calling you to spotlight you and your horse on the website.

Member Spotlight


Gail Wiot | 708-691-3854

Vice President
Bunny Horner

Carl Bebrich

Noreen Paeth



Bunny Horner [2019]
Sue Bebrich [2019-2020]


Delegate Director: Gail Wiot

Alternate Delegate: Noreen Paeth



The ABU Arabian horse club was formed to promote and acknowledge the wonderful breed of horse called the Arabian.  ABU stands for Arabian Breeders United.  The members of the ABU Club promote the Arabian breed by attending local  community events and offer our beautiful horses for a hands on experience.